Lindsay Keable is the brand ambassador for benecos natural cosmetics and skin care products. Read below to find out what Lindsay loves, her beauty routine and how she prepares for a netball game.

Do you have any special routines or rituals before a game?

I am quite a stickler for routine. So I always have porridge in the morning with honey and sultanas. I am guaranteed that whatever country I am in they will always have porridge. As I go about my day I try to forget that it is actually game day and completely switch off. If you think about it too much it can stress you out and you can overthink things. So I do try to ignore it as much as possible. If it is a home match I have an hour to relax while we travel and there will be time for a cup of tea and chat. Personally I always travel in my undershorts and bra…just in case I forget them, as they are the only two things I can’t borrow from the other girls. Then I will put my dress on and my warm up top on. I always put in my left leg before my right leg, I don’t why. It’s just habit. I always paint my nails.

It’s also the only time that I’m really not myself. I am chatty anyway, but I am exceptionally chatty when it is game day. I’m very over-talkative and nervous.

I always paint my nails before a match because I wear different nail colours on each hand; so that I know my left from my right. After 17 years of playing netball you would think I know my left from my right… but in an instant moment this does help! I always use team colours; purple or black. French Lavender from benecos is my favourite, because you can have it light or dark, depending on how many coats you apply.


Do you have any special Beauty regimes before a game?

I always use dry shampoo on my hair for a start. I always find that when you have game day hair it is never quite right, you always need a little oomph in it! I always paint my nails. If it is a sky game I tend to put a little more effort in- that sounds so bad!- so I use tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and mascara. That is all. I find that I can’t use anything else because you sweat it off. On normal games I usually just paint my nails and use a touch of mascara.


why do you make the extra effort when you’re on Sky?

 You’re a lot closer up. When you’re on the side lines watching we are just little figures running round. Whereas on Sky…they always seem to zoom in at the wrong time, like when you’re having a bad facial expressions. So you feel like you have to do a little bit extra-beauty wise- to make yourself feel better! 


what mascara do you use on court?

 I’m using the benecos Grey Steel; I find that if you have black mascara and you wipe your face you will end up with Panda eyes. While the grey one gives you longer lashes and if it does come off it is not as evident that you are sweating a little too much! 


Do you have a different Beauty regime if you are going out?  

Yes. My boyfriend notices and say “you’ve got makeup on tonight?”…well yes! Because I’m not in my kit. I suppose I take a little more time for a night out and the eyeliner comes out. I definitely use blusher on my cheeks, obviously I’m not running around on the netball court to get my natural glow. I’m not really one to spend a lot of time; half an hour is all I need. Straighten the hair, do the face, put some foundation on and give myself a glow. The benecos lip liner matches Marry Me lipstick and I think for me, keeping your look natural is the main thing, when we go out we do accentuate our features, but I’ve really learned that less is more. Less is more is my beauty tip. 


How do you wind down after a game?

A lot of netballers get game insomnia after a match, whether you have won or lost you will find that a couple of hours later…

I’m quite bad at sleeping so I do try to stick to a rigid routine. Before going to bed I sit downstairs for half an hour, watch television or listen to music. I then walk upstairs, brush my teeth and wash my face…get in to bed and read for fifteen minutes. If after all of this I feel sleepy then that is fine.

If I don’t [feel sleepy] I write down a list –because quite often when you play the game you think of loads of moments, so I write down something that is bothering me or playing on my mind. It is quite hard after a game, because you have got so much emotion. At first you are excited, but after a while you find yourself worrying. So I try to be really strict after a game and get some quality down time.

In between matches I enjoy swimming. It is a great way to unwind. It is an all over body workout. I have just gotten a new puppy and I love playing with him. His name is Benson and he is a Beagle. He is quite naughty at the moment and in the biting stage, so I do try to take him out for long walks. 


And finally what is in your kit bag Lindsay?

I have three separate compartments to my bag. I have stuff you need for netball, trainers, spare sports bra, spare socks and tape for injuries. The other section contains a random bag of stuff! It contains spare hair ties, Kirby grips, moisturiser and cleanser… I then have a medical compartment, plaster, paracetamol, bonjela…I’m renowned on the team for being Mary Poppins. I also have a towel; sweat towels are really important in your kit bag. Otherwise you use your dress, and then you end up with a wonky collar where you pulled it and it is then smeared in makeup.

My benecos nail polish has to be in there and my mascara. I always wear mascara.  When you put mascara on it really is just a moment to yourself…you feel great once it’s on.

I have a stress ball… a sheep that you squeeze and its eyes pop out! I also have a colouring book. I enjoy colouring. It’s very good for your mindfulness. I think in this day and age we are so quick to pop a pill and do something medical, when actually you may just need to sit still and have a moment to yourself. Since I started colouring I’m less stressed. If I have a spare five minutes I just like to chill and colour away. 


Lindsay Keable plays netball for England Roses and also Hertfordshire Mavericks.


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